Ni**as in Paris Video – Updated

Most artists tend to take their own time when releasing videos for singles that most people will love to see, unless they are pop stars (i.e. Rihanna, Katy Perry, etc) you get the point. Take Jay-Z & Kanye West’s Watch The Throne(WTT) which is loaded with material for good videos. It was reported that at one point they performed ni**as in paris about 10 times in one of their concert. This is proof that the song is a certified banger and deserved a video. What do they(Jay & Yeezy) do? They wait for like eternity to release a video. My question is why does it take forever for some artists with the ability to release videos? Another example would be TI’s Swagga Like Us, the song deserved visual but did we get them nope; we had to make do with the fan made videos. Click here for one the best fan made videos.

Well Jay-Z and Kanye West are set to officially release the much anticipated video of Ni**as in Paris today (09/02/2012). I hope it’s a fun and enjoyable as the Otis video was. I sure hope Yeezy has less input as he sometimes gets too carried away with his artistic stuff. The beat alone deserves visuals to make the viewer want to dance and I sure hope it’s that.

In the meantime the concert footage will have to do.

Well here’s the official video via (Addicted to retail), with my fears coming to fruition. The video was directed by none other that Yeezy and features an appearance by Hit Boy(blink & you’ll miss him); that warning in the beginning just put me off. I still have to watch the whole video though…Watch it and tell whadda ya think?

Kanye should just stick to making music period, damn my eyes and developed a headache…


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