Latest Crack Fix for BB Users

Not sure what exactly happened at RIM but it’s a sad sad state of affairs. I don’t even use a Blackberry but I think they have the best package for the South African market. For the other smartphone makers the only disadvantage is the data, which is still a bit expensive for most SA consumers. This is where RIM trumps the others, it costs R60 or so per month for BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) depending on your provider of course. Therefore most people have turned to using Blackberry. Recently RIM’s Board of Directors decided to give the co-CEO’s and founders(Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsille) the boot as RIM stocks plunged to an all time low and appoint Thorsten Heins as President and CEO.

This has led to a whole lot of speculation as to what’s RIM’s next move, well has some pictures depicting what they say is what the new Blackberry’s will look like, as they will have the new OS called 10.

I just hope Blackberry can redeem themselves, as most people in the know reckon the train has left the station for them. So without further ado the images of the new Blackberry via crackberry logo


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