The Pitt…

Well with Angelina’s leg going viral and being everywhere since Sunday at the Oscar’s and standing next to her was the man himself Pitt, Brad Pitt. He has sort of an impeccable list of movies good or should I say awesome movies, we sat down & discussed his most awesome roles. (Please note this is according to the team at allaccesscoza, it does not mean it’s the absolute list. So please don’t get you knickers in a knot about it).

Sometimes he plays quirky character’s you would never think he would be able to pull it off, for example Chad in Burn After Reading is a bit of a lame and crazy but he pulls it off. He also has some funny lines like Inglorious Basterds
and the Lieutenant Aldo and his accomplice act as Italians; actually not sure how to even write what he says “Bonjono”, still get me every time.

The list INPO
1.Snatch – Mickey O’Neil

2.Inglourious Basterds – Lt. Aldo Raine

3.Burn After Reading – Chad Feldheimer

4.Troy – Achilles – Son of Peleus and Thetis

5.Fight Club – Tyler Durden

6.12 Monkeys Official Trailer

7. A River Runs Through It Trailer

Notable Mentions:
Rusty Ryan in Ocean’s Eleven (2001)
J.D. in Thelma & Louise
Michael Sullivan in Sleepers

Do you have any others you think we should mention?


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