Cashtime Fam – Goodbye Video

When I first heard Cashtime Fam featuring Teargas I thought they were going to be an extension of Teargas and deliver the same style (in simple terms I thought they biting istayela se Teargas). After hearing the goodbye song I was sold and every time I hear the song or see the video it gets better and I love a bit more.

They way these tell their different stories with one theme in mind, missing someone you love, be it family/girlfriend/best friend there’s something about it in this song. Anyways this is the type of hip hop that brings all round good feelings. It’s sometimes reminds me of the 2nd Skwatta Kamp album (Mkhukhu Funkshen) most of the songs were feel good songs and I still bump the CD even the 3rd One (Washumkhukhu).

Another group which could make this kind of music was H2O and not sure what happened to them as they only released 2 albums and vanished sort like in that M. Night Shyamalan movie (The Happening). These guys were good and they sort of reminded me of Dead Prez. Anyways I’m just joking I used to think of them as our own Dead Prez, so wherever they are or if you know their whereabouts tell them that we miss their music. Getting back to the present all I can say is Cashtime & Teargas keep the good music coming…

(Taken from their debut album Amanzi’mtoti


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