Forbes African Billionaires 2012 (in US$)

To most people Forbes is synonymous with wealth and the rich list, every year they release a number of lists. The list vary from richest businessman to hip hop artists, actors and so on and so on; but they also have a list of African billionaires every year and on this year’s list it looks like Egypt has a large chunk of billionaires. This means other countries can maybe learn a thing or two from Egypt and another thing what does the list do for continent or the countries of those on the list. Does it maybe inspire more people to aspire to being billionaires or is it just another list of rich people with their egos being stroked. Nonetheless I think it should inspire more people to be entrepreneurs, so as to create jobs. For the list

01.Aliko Dangote, $11.2 billion – Nigeria, Sugar, Cement, Flour
02.Nicky Oppenheimer & family, $6.8 billion – South Africa, Diamonds
03.Nassef Sawiris, $5.1 billion – Egypt, Construction & .Johann Rupert & family, $5.1 billion – South Africa, Luxury Goods
04.Mike Adenuga, $4.3 billion – Nigeria, telecom, banking, oil
05.Naguib Sawiris, $3.1 billion – Egypt, Telecom
06.Christoffel Wiese, $3.1 billion – South Africa, Retailing
07.Onsi Sawiris, $2.9 billion – Egypt, construction, telecom & Miloud Chaabi, $2.9 billion – Morocco, Real estate
09.Patrice Motsepe, $2.7 billion – South Africa, Mining
10.Othman Benjelloun, $2.3 billion – Morocco, banking, insurance
11.Mohamed Mansour, $1.7 billion – Egypt, Diversified
12.Anas Sefrioui, $1.6 billion – Morocco, Real estate
13.Yasseen Mansour, $1.6 billion – Egypt, Diversified
14.Youssef Mansour, $1.5 billion – Egypt, Diversified
15.Mohamed Al Fayed, $1.3 billion – Egypt, retailing

Now to be exact the list has 7 Egyptians, 4 South Africans, 3 Moroccans and 2 Nigerians, we need more countries in this list.


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