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Kwality Music…

Recently the state of our hip hop in SA has been on the up, actually scrap that our whole music scene has been on the come up, be it house (which is at the forefront), hip hop, kwaito, afro soul, just wish this could also translate to record sales. This includes production, lyrical content & catering for the different folks out there ranging from social issues to club bangers. Anyways I have a few favourites some fairly new and some a bit older, but I think if you can go buy at least one of these albums…INPO

Teargas – Wake Up

Khuli Chana feat. Notshi – Tswaa Daar

HHP feat. Asheru/Omar/TeePee – Dreamgirl


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It seems as if the South African awards season is upon us, this weekend it’s the SAFTAS(South African Film and Television Awards) which I think should be given extensive press coverage. The nominees list has been out for a while now and to see the amount of coverage they receive, ask most people what the SAFTAS are? i’m sure some will tell you that it’s a group or something, anywho most of the nominated films the general public did not get to see. Check the nominee list below and see how many films have you seen from the list

Below is some of the catergories with the films/tv shows we’ve seen for the full list click here.

Golden Horn Youth & Children programme Nominations 2012
Best Youth & Children Programme

YOTV – Ntunjambili – Urban Brew & YOTV
Against All Odds – Penguin Films
Jam Alley Crew VS Crew – Red Pepper
Super Sonic Urban Brew -Studios
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MTN SAMA Awards – Top Categories

The MTN SAMA’s have done it again, as always once they announce the nominees controversy always follows. This time some of the independent record companies complained that some of the nomination were from the previous year and some songs which were suppossed to be nominated were not. Below is a list of the categories that everyone looks out for and our guesses which might change the awards… Read the rest of this entry »

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Nando’s Again

In this post we mentioned how funny and quick Nando’s is when it comes to current news and them taking advantage. The lastest campaing which is not even 24 hrs old they had this for expelled ANCYL President Julias Malema and it got me laughing or is that loling?

Juju you've been served

Anyways for more of Julias’s expulsion funnies go to …#ByeByeJuliusSongs


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tweet’s roundup

Finally it’s happening Read the rest of this entry »

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The Pitt…

Well with Angelina’s leg going viral and being everywhere since Sunday at the Oscar’s and standing next to her was the man himself Pitt, Brad Pitt. He has sort of an impeccable list of movies good or should I say awesome movies, we sat down & discussed his most awesome roles. (Please note this is according to the team at allaccesscoza, it does not mean it’s the absolute list. So please don’t get you knickers in a knot about it). Read the rest of this entry »

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Believe it or not, Mgqumeni Alive (Update 06/02/2012)

Stranger things have happened but for the South African entertainment industry this is shocking. A maskandi artist who passed away in 2009, Mgqumeni Khumalo is rumoured to be alive and kicking somewhere eNqutu. It was reported on the news on uKhozi FM on the 16h00 news. One of his relatives who was called by the VMBS (Vuka Mzansi Breakfast Show) team and he reported that “Lomuntu engimbonile, mina ngingasho ukuthi akuyena uMgqumeni” (The person I saw at the Khumalo’s is not my nephew).

iBhova likaDikadika uphush’umunt’aziwele, Mgqumeni Khumalo

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