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The wonder that is Stevie

Well lately I find my self listening to a whole lot of music and if the current muso’s is anything to go by, heaven help us all. It means we have a handful of artists being the sunshine of music industry, just tries to reference some of Stevie Wonder‘s songs. He has an impeccable discography and in my opinion penned some of the greatest R&B songs of all time.

stevie wonder

A week or so ago I think it was his birthday or something, not even sure if they were hounoring him but I know he was in the frenzy that is twitter. He happene to trend again just last night or yesterday, not sure. When someone remakes a song, most people expect a song to be up to par with the original or well surpass the original, in most cases the latter is what we usually get a mediocre of a remake. I decided to listen to Stevie’s catalogue and see the remakes I think were superb. This list is in no particular order Read the rest of this entry »


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