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Kwality Music…

Recently the state of our hip hop in SA has been on the up, actually scrap that our whole music scene has been on the come up, be it house (which is at the forefront), hip hop, kwaito, afro soul, just wish this could also translate to record sales. This includes production, lyrical content & catering for the different folks out there ranging from social issues to club bangers. Anyways I have a few favourites some fairly new and some a bit older, but I think if you can go buy at least one of these albums…INPO

Teargas – Wake Up

Khuli Chana feat. Notshi – Tswaa Daar

HHP feat. Asheru/Omar/TeePee – Dreamgirl


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Bhar Morning Bang Album…28/02/2012

Well according to the man himself Tira Bhar’s debut album is coming out on the 28/03/2012 and it looks like there’s even artwork. Tira uploaded a promo teaser, well let’s call it an appetiser of sorts, listen below Read the rest of this entry »

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